Month: April 2019

26 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Taking Care of Pregnant Mares

Mary Koji, equine nutrition expert, writes: “Nutrition plays a key role in horses & very specifically to mares in the pregnant life stage. These days, our horses rely on us for both food and shelter. In the case of a pregnant mare, nutrition is critical in the health and wellness of both your girl and […]

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18 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Why Wounds Won’t Heal

International wound-care expert, Dr. Derek Knottenbelt, has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors: INFECTION – Often signaled by red, angry-looking tissue that exudes pus or has a foul odor. FOREIGN BODIES – Anything inside a wound that shouldn’t be there counts as a foreign body. TISSUE DEFICITS – Without adequate healthy tissue […]

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12 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Skin Conditions

According to Dr. Christine King: “The skin is like a window on the body, and its health reflects what’s going on within. A holistic and proactive approach is the best way to combat common equine skin diseases. The skin, including the hair follicles and the oil and sweat glands, is supplied with the same blood […]

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05 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Cold and Flu in Horses

Virginia Buechner-Maxwell, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, shares her expertise on coughs and colds in horses: “The occasional cough may not be cause for alarm, but if the cough is associated with any change in attitude or performance, or the frequency begins to increase, it’s time to investigate. Frequent coughing does not necessarily mean the horse […]

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