Month: September 2019

27 Sep 2019

13 Signs Your Horse is Happy

We all like to think we know our horses well enough. But do we really? Equine behaviour expert, Dr Debbie Marsden, explains the 13 signs you can look out for to check how your horse is feeling: “How to read your horse’s body language Nostrils should be relaxed, soft and round. If he’s unhappy, they’ll […]

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20 Sep 2019

How Horses Help us Heal

Constance Scharff Ph.D. specializes in radically transformative personal experience. Here she shares on the ways horses help us heal: “Most of us who own horses talk about their ‘therapeutic’ value. Being in the barn grooming, feeding, and caring for our horses reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall health. Yet, it is the companionship with […]

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13 Sep 2019

Pain Management in Horses

Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons have been in practice for 60 years and they share some thoughts on pain management in horses: “Pain can have a negative impact on behaviour and performance. Freedom from pain is an essential part of horse welfare and pain management plays an important role in recovery from injury or illness. If we […]

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06 Sep 2019

Botulism in Horses

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Britt Stubble-field, share her experience with this debilitating disease and what to be on the lookout for: “When winter settles in and there’s a round bale in sight, you are likely to see horses gathered around it, intent on filling their bellies. But trouble can lurk within. Earlier in the year, […]

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