Month: November 2019

29 Nov 2019
chestnut horse with bridle against black background

Elite Equine and The Likelyhood of Your Horse Developing a Gastric Ulcer

Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D., an equine nutritionist, shares her insight into this all too frequently diagnosed condition: Ulcers or erosions in the lining of the equine stomach are reportedly a common condition in performance animals. In racehorses, for example, ulcers are believed to occur in an estimated 50-90% of horses. Similarly, weanling foals have equally high rates of ulcers. […]

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22 Nov 2019
dressage rider on chestnut horse

Elite Equine and Using Poultices in Treating Inflammation

For centuries man has effectively been treating Inflammation, itching and pain by grinding up plants and herbs, forming them into poultices, and applying it to affected areas of the body.  The same results have been found in the treatment of horses. A poultice is used to draw out infection, reduce inflammation, ease bruising and cleanse […]

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15 Nov 2019

Elite Equine and Respiratory Tract Infection

Having a sick horse can be quite distressing.  This week, the focus is on respiratory tract infection and shares some ideas on how to handle this in the best way possible: The respiratory tract is lined with a rich local immune system that keeps watch below the upper layers. When the system is healthy, there is […]

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08 Nov 2019

Elite Equine and Lameness in Horses

Steven B. Adams, DVM, from the School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University, sheds some light on this easily overlooked condition: “Lameness is defined as an abnormal stance or gait caused by either a structural or a functional disorder of the locomotor system. The horse is either unwilling or unable to stand or move normally. Lameness […]

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05 Nov 2019

Elite Equine Customer Review: Lameness

View this post on Instagram As most of you no my little tiny has been lame for sometime. We have tried lots of different stuff since August everytime we put tiny in field she would go lame again. 2 weeks ago my dad met Maxie from elite equine who told us about there product. Since […]

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01 Nov 2019
dressage horse and rider with white picket fence

Antioxidant Use in Equine Athletes

Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D. and equine nutritionist writes: “Horses possess undeniable athletic prowess, whether they race, leap, or pull. Even the fittest equine athletes tire eventually, though, and face muscle damage and antioxidant enzyme abnormalities. When horses become fatigued, they either continue to exercise at a lower intensity or stop exercising altogether. The reduction or termination of exercise […]

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