Year: 2020

16 Oct 2020
mallanders sallanders horses

Mallanders and Sallanders in Horses

  Mallanders and sallanders in horses are a type of scaly itch, also known as hyperkeratosis: an overproduction of keratin.  They appear on the flexures of the knee and hock: mallanders appear on the back of the knee and sallanders on the front of the hock.   When you first notice these, they may seem […]

07 Sep 2020
white and dapple horse with long tails, riders on, arena

10 Tips for Keeping Your Horse’s Tail Tip Top

The most important thing for you to remember is that a horse’s shiny coat, healthy skin and tremendous tail comes from proper nutritional care. Without the right amounts of protein, amino acids and vitamins no number of potions or conditioners will be able to give it the luscious locks you’re after. That being said, here’s […]

04 Sep 2020
tendonitis in horses

Treatment Plan For Tendonitis in Horses

Any seasoned sportsman or woman can tell you:  It only takes one bad step.  Injuries happen quickly and unexpectedly and can change the course of your life. Or your horse’s life. Injuring a critical soft tissue structure like the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT), means that your horse can be fine one moment and then […]

07 Aug 2020
horse cough

6 Types of Horse Coughs You Should Not Ignore

If your horse coughs occasionally, there is normally nothing to worry about.  This is a perfectly natural way of keeping their airways clean from dust or small debris. Some coughs, however, may be an early sign of an inflammatory condition that deserves prompt action.  Understanding the different types of coughs coupled with good judgment, may […]

26 Jun 2020

How to Change Your Mind and Feel Good About It

Have you ever been made to feel guilty because you dared change your mind? Of course, changing your mind on fundamental things and at critical times is bound to unleash more than a few raised eyebrows.

19 Jun 2020

7 Strategies to Help You Get Back on Track

The past few months have played havoc with settled routines and habits and as humans, we tend to focus on our failures rather than the lessons it often gets replaced by.

28 Apr 2020

I cannot recommend Elite Equine highly enough.

Our horses have been on this supplement since the end of last year following the Associated Championships,where I met their representative. The improvement in their way of going has been noted not only by us but by all who have seen them work or compete. Both horses look a picture of health, with gleaming coats and are incredibly well, having used Elite Equine throughout winter. Our vets have endorsed Elite Equine recommending its use , not only for the use in older horses with age and work related changes but also for our younger horses as a preventative measure against future injuries.

~ Michelle van Meurs

28 Apr 2020

Great product!

I have been using Elite Equine for a few weeks now and my 14 year old dressage horse feels amazing. He has had 31 small melanomas removed over 3 surgeries and the scars are healing better than expected. I have been allowed to ride and school over the recovery period. My horse has been very well in himself with no sign of stiffness and happy to take more weight behind. It’s looking as though we may even nail the flying changes, something we have been struggling with for a long time. I will not be going back to my previous joint supplement !

~ Caroline Crowhurst