Year: 2020

27 Nov 2020
Girl and horse in stable

20 Things Your Horse is Trying to Tell You

In the 2000 movie What Women Want, the main character gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking. Have you ever just wished you could step into your horse’s thoughts for a while? International speaker and professional coach, Stacy Westfall, shares her years of insight in this week’s post. Get ready for […]

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20 Nov 2020
horses behind a fence in field of flowers

It’s Just Arthritis… Right?

“My horse has arthritis.” The term ‘arthritis’ is often used to describe any condition where inflammation in a joint is suspected. However, arthritis in horses can actually refer to a number of conditions that each have a specific origin and may require a unique line of treatment. In general, arthritis causes pain and limited function […]

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13 Nov 2020
Dressage horse in ring

Does Discipline-specific Horse Lameness Exist?

We have a saying in my native language that roughly translates to ‘every sport has its injuries’, which means that you shouldn’t be too surprised when rough times come in your pre-chosen field of business. Or pleasure, that is! In this case, however, every sport literally does seem to have its own injuries, as discipline-specific […]

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06 Nov 2020
white horse licking girls face

Feeding Your Fussy Eater

  One of the joys that horse owners share with parents of the human kind:  My child won’t eat. What now? You may be tempted to kick over the umpteenth bucket of carefully considered and put together gourmet dinner and just let him be, but we know you won’t.  As with any severe change in […]

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30 Oct 2020
Woman in white with chestnut horse in woods

Handling Heaves in Your Senior Horse

Heaving, coughing, and nasal discharge. Not your toddler, but your horse.  Both can be alarming at times.  In senior horses, even more so. Recurrent airway obstruction, also known as heaves, are likely to be more severe in older horses.  Although this condition can occur at any age, older horses tend to have more scar tissue […]

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23 Oct 2020
Woman walking horse in autumn light

Prep List: Horse Care from Autumn into Winter

  Forward thinking has long been the saviour of many pole explorers and horse owners. Autumn lends itself to considering our current horse care practices and how to amend these as we go into winter. Of course, challenges vary at the same rhythm as the weather and having less daylight hours to deal with these, […]

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16 Oct 2020
redhead woman with two shire horses in green fields during autumn

Mallanders in Horses: The Treatment You Have Not Yet Considered

  Mallanders and sallanders in horses are a type of scaly itch, also known as hyperkeratosis: an overproduction of keratin.  They appear on the flexures of the knee and hock: mallanders appear on the back of the knee and sallanders on the front of the hock.   When you first notice these, they may seem […]

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09 Oct 2020
two horses behind fence in field, woman with denim and boots looking on

7-Question Quiz: My Horse’s Colic Risk

  Did you know that your horse’s teeth, his living arrangements and his travel diary may play a role in assessing his risk to develop colic? This quick survey is based on the findings of colic researchers. Answer each question and add up the points at the end. Your final score will be a good […]

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