Month: August 2020

28 Aug 2020
girl and white horse in stable

Why Rosehip Can Be Trusted to Untie Your Horse

Tying-up in horses calls up scenes of old Western movies and flapping saloon doors. But this is not what we’re talking about today. Tying-up in horses – also known as exertional rhabdomyolysis or Monday morning disease – has been recognized as a serious condition in horses for over a century. For the longest time it […]

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26 Aug 2020
white horse against green hills and dark clouds

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

The effect weather changes have on those living with chronic conditions like arthritis, is an idea that has divided general opinion for years. Horses with arthritis may not have a voice, but could there be truth to the supposed myth? There seems to be enough evidence to disregard the connection.  On the other hand, first-hand […]

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26 Aug 2020
red and ripe rosehip fruit in wicker bowl on table

Your Horse Through Rose(hip) Tinted Glasses

I guess we should have been tipped off by the way our horses seek out these pretty red and tangy fruits by the side of the road.  Who knew?  They did.  Obviously. Rosehip has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for hundreds of years.  However, it is only in recent times that its […]

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21 Aug 2020
man with white horse in hayfield

3 Factors That Impact Your Horse’s Immune System

My dad used to say: “I don’t have to know when I die, I just have to know where I die. Then I’ll make sure never to go there.” As witty as it was at the time, such a lot of truth is contained in this sentiment.  The things we know impacts the way we […]

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14 Aug 2020
hand holding out a carrot to horse

Is Feeding-stress Keeping Your Horse Overweight?

Horses are unique creatures and have very unique feeding requirements too. Did you know that your horse’s stomach is only about the size of a rugby ball? It comprises just 10% of the horse’s digestive system and can only hold between 9 to 15 litres at a time. Without a consistent feed supply, their physical […]

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07 Aug 2020
Young woman hugging her horse with her eyes closed

6 Types of Horse Coughs You Should Not Ignore

If your horse coughs occasionally, there is normally nothing to worry about.  This is a perfectly natural way of keeping their airways clean from dust or small debris. Some coughs, however, may be an early sign of an inflammatory condition that deserves prompt action.  Understanding the different types of coughs coupled with good judgment, may […]

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