06 Oct 2020
woman's hand on horse's face

7 Types of Colic in Horses

woman's hand on horse's face

There are 7 different types of colic that you need to be aware of.

The differentiating factor between these types of colic, is the cause of the abdominal pain.


1. Displacement Colic

This is not a very common form of colic, and highly dangerous if not diagnosed in time.

With displacement colic, the intestine moves to a different location inside the anatomy of the horse.  When it is unable to move back to its correct position, it becomes known as entrapment colic.


2. Gas Colic

Compared to displacement colic, gas colic is one of the most common forms of colic that is diagnosed in equines and is caused by gas formation in the horse’s intestines.

This excessive gas and bloating can lead to severe discomfort and flatulence.


3. Impaction Colic

Whenever food gets stuck in the large intestine, it may lead to impaction colic preventing the horse from defecating fully and properly.

Veterinary intervention will be required to move the impaction along and alleviate the pain.


4. Sand Colic

Horses may end up getting sand particles in their large intestine, causing immense discomfort.  This is known as sand colic.

This often happens when horses eat off of sandy ground.


5. Spasmodic Colic

This type of colic is characterized by severe intestinal cramping, causing spasms to occur.

These spasms are extremely painful and difficult for any horse to handle.


6. Strangulation Colic

As strangulation colic is also an uncommon type of colic, it is also quite dangerous.

With this type of colic can be life-threatening as the blood supply to the horse’s intestines is cut off and the intestinal wall may die if not rectified in time.


7. Twisted Gut Colic

With twisted gut colic the horse’s intestines twist or become inverted in some way.  Again, this is quite a rare form of colic that not only leads to severe discomfort but can also threaten the life of the horse.


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