Elite Equine is a 100% organic supplement for horses that supports the horse’s own anti-inflammatory process, provides a powerful natural antioxidant to support all-round good health and supports the horse’s immune system.

Free from pesticides, additives and bulking agents, Elite Equine is 100% safe for use in all competition settings.

Made from 100% Rosehip powder, extracted from the Rosa Canina plant, Elite Equine offers a rich source of micronutrients that are key to maintaining optimal performance.

Rosehip has been known to support:

  • Joint mobility and health
  • The horse’s own anti-inflammatory process
  • The development and growth of healthy hooves and bones
  • A healthy immune system by soaking up excess free radicals
  • Maintain a healthy coat, mane, and tail

NOPS approved and free from any prohibited substances listed by the British Equestrian Foundation and US Equestrian Foundation.

What does it mean to be Rainforest Alliance certified?

British Equestrian Foundation: “Rosehip in its true form is NOT currently listed on the FEI prohibited substance list.”

US Equestrian Foundation: “Rosehip is permitted under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of US Equestrian’s Equine Drug and Medications Rule.”


Rosehips possess natural antioxidant properties that act to soak up excess free radicals which in turn helps to support the horse’s immune system.  Fed to horses they can offer beneficial effects in supporting and maintaining joint health and suppleness.

Vitamin C Content
Rosehips are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C. The powerful Vitamin C and antioxidant combination provides additional support to the horse’s immune system.

Bioflavonoids contained within Rosehips support Vitamin C’s ability to help support strong blood vessels, and this in turn encourages healthy hoof growth in horses. Bioflavonoids also play a key role in supporting the horse maintain a healthy immune system.

Rosehips are also a rich source of Vitamins E, D and A that helps to support the immune system through their antioxidant properties.

Studies have shown that the galactolipid present in rosehips, supports the synthesis and restoration of collagen. Collagen assists in the natural formation of connective tissue and cartilage.

The Biotin found within Rosehips helps to assist and maintain the growth of healthy new hoof.

Biotin not only supports healthy hooves and bones but helps to maintain a healthy mane, tail and coat.

Supporting Research
The following are just some of the studies that have been done on rosehip in its different parts and particles:

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