20 Aug 2021

Is There a Safe Social Media Alternative? The Answer for Young Equestrians

Have you been trying to find a wholesome and safe social media platform for your horse crazy teenager?

Continuing our quest to build a beautifully ethical and socially responsible business, Elite Equine endeavours to contribute to our community as much as possible.  And as our community is wherever we find ourselves, our responsibility also extends to our online village.

Finding a space to express their love for horses in a way that only other horse loving girls would understand, without fear of bullying or harassment, (but still lots of fun!) may have seemed impossible.

That was until mother and daughter team, Elizabeth and Rebecca Ellis, launched DigitalHorse www.digitalhorse.co.uk, the first social platform dedicated to horses.

It’s completely free and has all the features that equestrians need to manage their equestrian life:

👉 Create profiles for each horse
👉 Store photos and videos
👉 Keep track of training, competitions, and achievements
👉 Organize horse’s events
👉 Post photos and videos and share them on other social media

Elite Equine has been a member of DigitalHorse now for two and a half years, and the wonderful support between friends and the united front against bullying in the equestrian world, has been inspiring.

DigitalHorse Youtube Channel

On the DigitalHorse Youtube channel, more great content is continually being added:

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DigitalHorse for Business Owners

As a business owner, DigitalHorse offers the opportunity for members to follow your brand and contribute to your posts and shares.  Follow this link for an easy guide to  Set up your business in Digital Horse

Exciting news is that DigitalHorse is the main sponsor for a new series on Horse & Country TV, called Swipe Up, Kick On!
This show will be out in September.

For a safe and caring environment where your equestrian can truly bloom, why not join them today!

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