04 Jun 2021
showjumping tips

Show Jumping: Timeless Tips from Top Trainers

showjumping tips

Good advice is often timeless, and show jumping is no different.

These guidelines collected from top trainers through the years can be valuable to equine athletes from any discipline looking to move up, and are still just as applicable today as it was then.

10 Timeless tips for show jumping riders (and other disciplines)

  1. Equestrian sport is a different sport than any other in that there are two athletes working as one. This partnership during competition is just as good as its weakest link.
  1. Start with a good athlete. Then find a horse that wants to be a winner. There are a lot of horses that are athletic, but they don’t have the desire to win. Some horses that don’t have as much natural ability have a burning desire to win. Those horses can be more successful than the naturally talented horses.
  1. What we call “flatwork” in our hunter/jumper world is really dressage. And it should be treated as such. I am talking about the absolutely correct way to walk, trot, canter and gallop a horse. There are a handful of jumper riders in the world who ride dressage superbly. I recommend strongly that every jumping rider get together weekly or monthly with a good dressage person.
  1. Correctly ridden over time, a horse will have much less need for the veterinarian. Nor will the horse need so much of these unusual bits that we see today.
  1. Pick up Jane Savoie’s Cross Train Your Horse, book one and book two. She has tailored these two books to all disciplines. You must really take the time to read them, study them, understand and practice. Cross-training is good for riders as well, especially as you get older. Unless someone is riding properly (not hacking) four or more horses a day, he or she must do some other exercise.
  1. You don’t always have to jump big fences when you’re training. Instead, try jumping smaller fences often. And don’t forget the importance of ground poles and cavalettis! You can practice finding distance, shortening your stride and relaxation with small fences and canter poles very easily.
  1. Attitude plays an important part. One must be a team player, get along with a group and champion the cause. Being a good, all-around “professionally minded” horse person is a must.
  1. Good older horses, beautifully cared for and not overworked, can go a long time, into their late teens. Talented young horses, not pushed early in their careers, can last much longer at the other end. As we all know, all facets of horsemanship are art and science.
  1. Invest in the whole horse. Today’s show horses receive the benefits of many of the same therapies and treatments human athletes use for peak performance.
  1. Stable management—grooming, shoeing, veterinary care, turn out, conditioning, fitness—is not a static thing. A sharp horseman addresses all of these management issues on a daily basis and is constantly making improvements. Management is where it’s at, you’ll notice most of the people and horses consistently at the top have a great system.

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