21 Jan 2022

Why do we feed horse supplements?


As horse owners we always want to do the best for our equine friends, giving them the best care, the best nutrition, the best of everything.  But do we ever stop to think, “why are we feeding them this?”.  It’s a tricky one as we consume so much information, from a variety of sources, that pinpointing the exact reason ‘why’ can be difficult.

Some key reason that our customers, and our own team have mentioned, include:

  • To support their nutrition – GREAT reason. We look to feed horse supplements to help ensure that they receive all the essential vitamins and minerals they need.
  • To help prevent injury or illness – another GREAT reason. By ensuring a horse has a healthy and balanced diet and is receiving the right blend of vitamins and minerals, we can support their immune system, digestive system, and all-round general health.  This in turn helps to prevent sickness or injury.  Supporting their muscles to repair quicker, helps to keep them on the road for longer.  Supporting a healthy immune system keeps them looking and feeling healthy.  Keeping their gut healthy, helps to keep them happy and healthy.
  • To support all-round good health – another GREAT reason. Supporting all-round good health is key to maintaining performance and supports a long and healthy life.

Then we have the reasons that are quite flawed:

  • To cure a particular ailment – as much as we’d love to say a product cured a particular illness, we can’t. Unless there is in-depth scientific research, studies, and medical evidence, we and any other supplement brand can’t make these claims.  It simply isn’t true.
  • Because a friend told us too – we all want to help each other and we all want to do right by our horses, but we need to be doing it for the right reasons.
  • Because the tub looked good – we can all see the issues with this one.

Whatever the reasons, it is important that as horse owners we’re doing things for the right reason.  The horse supplement market is tricky enough to navigate without false reasoning – is a supplement competition legal? Can we be sure a supplement doesn’t contain a banned substance? Why does one supplement cost more than another when they’re the same ingredient? As horse owners we want to do the best for our equines, but it can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming trying to decide what to do for the best.

What we can say about rosehip supplements for horses is that rosehip is a natural, and organic, source of vitamins C, E, D and A, as well as being a natural source of biotin.  The combination of the antioxidant properties of rosehip and the vitamin content help support the horse’s own anti-inflammatory process as well as their immune system.  We can also say that the product is 100% rosehip, with no fillers or additives and is 100% safe and legal to use.


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