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Making Winter less frightful and more delightful

  The weather outside is frightful, but the prospect of another winter with your horses certainly doesn’t need to be. The best defensive tactic against cold-spell woes? A robust offensive strategy – that is to say, a great plan of action to ensure your horse is healthy and happy, no matter what the forecast throws […]

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exercise horses

Supporting Horses Post Exercise

  As riders we all have our post-exercise routines.  Whether this is simply walking the horse off and a basic wash down, or whether you’re washing down with warm water, or maybe the application of a massage rug.  However, it isn’t just what riders do on the outside that matters, how we support our horses […]

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equine off-season

Equine Health and the Importance of the Off-Season

  As Championship Meets across the UK heralds the nearing conclusion of competition season, thoughts are turning to equine care during the rest period. From his years in equine practice and his own bout with cancer at only 36, Dr. Thomas Schell, (DVM, DABVP, CVCH, board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in […]

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NOPS and your horse

Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances & Your Horse

Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances is “any substance that can exert an effect on a horse”. A naturally occurring prohibited substance (or NOPS) is one that is either naturally present within certain ingredients or that occurs as a result of inadvertent cross contamination during processing.   Where do they come from? The main NOPS and their […]

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What’s the deal with antioxidants and horses?

  Eventing is a rigorous exercise challenge, similar to the human triathlon, that tests the physical ability and skill of both horse and rider during three separate phases: In dressage, a standard set of movements is performed and awarded a subjective score. Cross-country jumping requires horses to jump over 35 to 40 obstacles covering 5 […]

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inflammation in horses

Whole-body Inflammation in Horses

Equine researchers have been studying the concept of whole-body inflammation and its links to a variety of health problems for years. But what is whole-body inflammation?  How does it relate to my horse’s overall health?   Whole-body inflammation in horses When someone mention “inflammation”, you may picture a localized swollen area on a limb or […]

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arthritis in horse hocks

Arthritis in Horse Hocks

  Arthritis in the small joints of the horse hock is a very common condition affecting all types of horses.  It is not just a disease of old horses; in fact, we regularly see this in horses around seven or eight years old, and it is often picked up in the autumn as the weather […]

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suspensory ligament injury horse

Spotting a Suspensory Ligament Injury in Your Horse

Suspensory ligament injuries in horses affects all breeds and ages but are particularly a problem in competition horses where inflammation of the suspensory ligament can occur in the fore- or hind limbs. The suspensory ligament acts as a sling for the fetlock in both the fore- and hind limbs and is therefore subject to overload […]

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recovery in horses

7 Steps to Quicker Recovery in Competition Horses

  It is competition season and quicker recovery in competition horses (and riders) after an intense training session or competitive event, is critical in limiting damage caused by inflammation. Any kind of intense exercise naturally creates stress in the body, especially around areas of impact, such as joints and soft tissues of the distal limbs. […]

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mallanders sallanders horses

Mallanders and Sallanders in Horses

  Mallanders and sallanders in horses are a type of scaly itch, also known as hyperkeratosis: an overproduction of keratin.  They appear on the flexures of the knee and hock: mallanders appear on the back of the knee and sallanders on the front of the hock.   When you first notice these, they may seem […]

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