22 Mar 2019

Travel Trauma in Horses

Robert MacDowell, esteemed veterinary herbalist, writes:

“We all know people who get car sick, airsick or seasick and there must be a few horses out there which get motion sickness in the same sort of way. I don’t know of anybody who has died or had their career ruined as a result of travel related illness but I hear of lots of horses to whom this has happened.

In discussing this problem with my clients and friends I began to appreciate just how much time some horses spend on the road… We take our animals to shows, events, studs, trainers or new properties all the time. We spend enormous amounts of energy and money preparing them for their sport and bringing them to a peak for the big event and we should spend an equivalent amount of effort in making sure we don’t blow it, during one such trip.

Hydration is very important while traveling and feed much less so. You should be most aware of the horses consumption and attitude toward water offered. Some animals prefer water from home (in this case – bring it) others will appreciate a treat with molasses in the water (if this helps to get water into them – do it).

Rosehip is especially useful to protect the body from kidney and adrenal exhaustion occasioned by fear or panic. If you want to do nothing else to protect your horse on a trip, Rosehip tea in their drinking water would be my #1 Tip.” [1]

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[1] https://www.mcdowellsherbal.com/treatments/for-horses/1198-travel-trauma-in-horses
Image by Lily Banse at https://unsplash.com/photos/RfJ_Twk_9mk


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