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13 Dec 2019
autumn leaves and brown horse in green grass field

Swelling That is More Than Just Swelling

Kennon Keckler, DVM, sheds some light on the types of swelling and when to pay extra attention: “Lymphangitis, vasculitis, big leg disease, staph infection, or cellulitis. Whatever you call it, this recurrent bacterial infection and leg swelling affects many horses – of any breed – and is a frustrating cause of lameness and loss of […]

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09 Aug 2019

Elite Equine and cellulitis

Meg Hammond and Callie Fogle, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, offers insight into this painful infection: Few situations shout ‘Emergency!’ louder than a horse refusing to bear weight on a grossly swollen leg. ‘A lameness with significant swelling should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible,’ says Meg Hammond, DVM. You’ll want to keep […]

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