04 Sep 2020
tendonitis in horses

Treatment Plan For Tendonitis in Horses

Any seasoned sportsman or woman can tell you:  It only takes one bad step.  Injuries happen quickly and unexpectedly and can change the course of your life. Or your horse’s life. Injuring a critical soft tissue structure like the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT), means that your horse can be fine one moment and then […]

07 Feb 2020
ddft deep digital flexor tendon injury

Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Injuries in Sport Horses

FEI-certified veterinarian, Duncan Peters, DVM, MS, heads the Sport Horse Program at Hagyard Equine Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. In this second part of the series he explains how this common type of sport horse injury happen, how it’s treated and how it may affect your horse’s career: “DDFT DAMAGE The deep digital flexor tendon […]

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