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18 Sep 2020
laughing horse with redhead woman having horse fun

15 Horse Fun Ideas For When You Can’t Ride

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to ride. A number of friends have recently been introduced to Mother Earth in a rather abrupt way. But it may also be that your senior horse is slowing down, or that your feisty mare needs some recovery time after her last adventure […]

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31 Jul 2020

Senior Horses with Arthritis Need Exercise Too

Do you know that lameness in horses can be tracked back to arthritis in more than 60% of all cases in the UK? And although you may think that resting may be more kind to your arthritic horse, a regular and sensible exercise plan will benefit him much more, giving his joints just the right […]

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13 Mar 2020
horse legs running

Post-workout Leg Care: Part 1 – Learn His Legs

With the last day of Cheltenham upon us and Keysoe CDI Championship in full swing, it seems fitting to look at a few ways in which you could take care of your horse’s legs after an extensive workout.  Our friends at EQUUS Magazine shares this insight: “The design of your horse’s legs helps make him […]

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07 Jun 2019

Elite Equine in Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage

As an advisor for the National Animal Supplementary Council, Hillary Self discusses a number of herbs to treat one of the most common respiratory problems in horses: “A horse’s airways are protected from inflammation and infection by a mucous membrane lining that contains a constantly moving escalator of tiny hairs (cilia). The cilia vibrate and […]

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31 May 2019

Elite Equine and Sport Horse Injuries

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Duncan Peters, elaborates on one of the most common sporthorse injuries: “While any horse can get hurt, the demands of eventing, dressage and hunter/jumper competition increase the risk of suspensory ligament injuries, deep digital flexor tendon tears, sore muscles and more. Jumping, speed, uneven ground and fatigue put eventers and jumpers […]

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