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01 Nov 2019
dressage horse and rider with white picket fence

Antioxidant Use in Equine Athletes

Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D. and equine nutritionist writes: “Horses possess undeniable athletic prowess, whether they race, leap, or pull. Even the fittest equine athletes tire eventually, though, and face muscle damage and antioxidant enzyme abnormalities. When horses become fatigued, they either continue to exercise at a lower intensity or stop exercising altogether. The reduction or termination of exercise […]

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12 Jul 2019

Elite Equine and Fatigue Failure

Chris Whitton, head of the Equine Centre in Melbourne, gives his view on fatigue failure in horses: “In elite racehorses, biology is pushed to the limit – about four tonnes is placed on the joint surfaces in a galloping horse’s lower limb with every stride, and these repeated loads have the potential to cause injury to […]

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