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10 Jul 2020
young foal

When Stress Interferes with Feeding the Young Ones

Few things are quite as special as seeing your mare safely deliver her precious cargo after lovingly taking care of them both for 11 months. No wonder then that your foal’s first wonky steps are watched with great anticipation, and that every blow, sneeze or snort brings out the mother instinct in you. Before you […]

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16 Jan 2020
young horse grazing

Leg Deformities in Young Foals

One of our Elite Equine customers recently wrote a review on her experience with this serious condition and the relief that Elite Equine brought. The team at www.equimed.com explains the disorder in more detail: “Physitis is a condition that causes deformities in the legs of young foals, mostly weanlings and yearlings, that are growing rapidly […]

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26 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Taking Care of Pregnant Mares

Mary Koji, equine nutrition expert, writes: “Nutrition plays a key role in horses & very specifically to mares in the pregnant life stage. These days, our horses rely on us for both food and shelter. In the case of a pregnant mare, nutrition is critical in the health and wellness of both your girl and […]

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