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20 Dec 2019
running horse over green grass

Stages of Healing in Soft Tissue Injury

Barb Crabbe, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, shares some valuable insight on this often frequently recurring type of injury: “It only takes one bad step. When a critical soft tissue structure is injured, your horse could be fine today, then lame for months or even years to come. In fact, a serious soft tissue injury can […]

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13 Dec 2019
autumn leaves and brown horse in green grass field

Swelling That is More Than Just Swelling

Kennon Keckler, DVM, sheds some light on the types of swelling and when to pay extra attention: “Lymphangitis, vasculitis, big leg disease, staph infection, or cellulitis. Whatever you call it, this recurrent bacterial infection and leg swelling affects many horses – of any breed – and is a frustrating cause of lameness and loss of […]

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06 Dec 2019
horse eating short grass against blue sky

Mud Fever Demystified

Severn Edge Equine Vets regularly deal with this challenging condition and here they share some of their expertise: “As the name suggests, mud fever is most frequently seen in horses during wet, muddy conditions but this is not always the case.   Signs Initially, the skin at the back of the horse’s pastern or heel […]

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