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14 Aug 2020
hand holding out a carrot to horse

Is Feeding-stress Keeping Your Horse Overweight?

Horses are unique creatures and have very unique feeding requirements too. Did you know that your horse’s stomach is only about the size of a rugby ball? It comprises just 10% of the horse’s digestive system and can only hold between 9 to 15 litres at a time. Without a consistent feed supply, their physical […]

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24 Jul 2020
horse grazing in green fields

Changing My Horse’s Diet

There may be a number of reasons for wanting to change your horse’s feed. Maybe he’s getting older and require a more senior diet. Perhaps you’ve learned more about organic living and want to try something new for your best friend too. Maybe you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing from your current feed. […]

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26 Jul 2019

Elite Equine and the food we feed

Katie Young, Ph.D. and equine nutritionist, gives some guidance as to good feeding practice: “When horses are in their natural situation, wandering on thousands of acres, grazing throughout the day and moving freely, their digestive systems work fairly well with small amounts of forage moving through pretty much all the time. But with the demands […]

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