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26 Aug 2020
red and ripe rosehip fruit in wicker bowl on table

Your Horse Through Rose(hip) Tinted Glasses

I guess we should have been tipped off by the way our horses seek out these pretty red and tangy fruits by the side of the road.  Who knew?  They did.  Obviously. Rosehip has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for hundreds of years.  However, it is only in recent times that its […]

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07 Aug 2020
Young woman hugging her horse with her eyes closed

6 Types of Horse Coughs You Should Not Ignore

If your horse coughs occasionally, there is normally nothing to worry about.  This is a perfectly natural way of keeping their airways clean from dust or small debris. Some coughs, however, may be an early sign of an inflammatory condition that deserves prompt action.  Understanding the different types of coughs coupled with good judgment, may […]

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06 Mar 2020
white horse against black background

Equine Coronavirus (ECOV)

  Coronavirus in horses is not new.  The virus was first detected in the USA in 1999 and in Europe for the first time in 2010. The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) published a paper on the disease and the extract below was revised in 2017:   Disease Name Equine Coronavirus (ECoV) Disease Type […]

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06 Dec 2019
horse eating short grass against blue sky

Mud Fever Demystified

Severn Edge Equine Vets regularly deal with this challenging condition and here they share some of their expertise: “As the name suggests, mud fever is most frequently seen in horses during wet, muddy conditions but this is not always the case.   Signs Initially, the skin at the back of the horse’s pastern or heel […]

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15 Nov 2019

Elite Equine and Respiratory Tract Infection

Having a sick horse can be quite distressing.  This week, the focus is on respiratory tract infection and EquiSearch.com shares some ideas on how to handle this in the best way possible: The respiratory tract is lined with a rich local immune system that keeps watch below the upper layers. When the system is healthy, there is […]

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17 Oct 2019
horse in green field with barn in background

Tips for Controlling Infection in Your Horses

Josie L. Traub-Dargatz, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, shares her experience on ways to control infection in horses: “Many horses, like people today, live a fast-paced life.  Horses are on the road to shows, breeding farms, racetracks and trail rides. It is critical to manage each horse to avoid an illness that could compromise performance in […]

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09 Aug 2019

Elite Equine and cellulitis

Meg Hammond and Callie Fogle, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, offers insight into this painful infection: Few situations shout ‘Emergency!’ louder than a horse refusing to bear weight on a grossly swollen leg. ‘A lameness with significant swelling should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible,’ says Meg Hammond, DVM. You’ll want to keep […]

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18 Apr 2019

Elite Equine and Why Wounds Won’t Heal

International wound-care expert, Dr. Derek Knottenbelt, has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors: INFECTION – Often signaled by red, angry-looking tissue that exudes pus or has a foul odor. FOREIGN BODIES – Anything inside a wound that shouldn’t be there counts as a foreign body. TISSUE DEFICITS – Without adequate healthy tissue […]

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01 Feb 2019

Elite Equine and Inflammation in Horses

According to Dr Michael Ball (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine): “Within every living cell (muscle, tendon, lung, bone, etc.), there is a biochemical and cellular time bomb waiting to go off — inflammation. However, it is to be noted that inflammation is a double-edged sword. More animals die from an inflammatory disease than all other disease […]

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