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01 Mar 2019

Equine Flu and the Role of Natural Remedies

According to the Animal Health Trust, there have been multiple outbreaks of equine flu in the UK and Europe in recent weeks affecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated horses. [1] Master equine herbalist, Victoria Ferguson, writes:  “Respiratory ailments are the most common cause of illness and lack of performance in horses along with musculo-skeletal problems. If […]

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22 Feb 2019

Elite Equine and Repelling Insects Naturally

Author Catherine Bird of the widely successful A Healthy Horse, The Natural Way (New Holland Publishers, UK, 2002) writes: “Bugs, flies, midges, mosquitoes; why are our horses plagued by them? Whether we like it or not, insects are just another part of nature. But each horse that is pestered by these little beasties can, thanks […]

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