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07 Sep 2020
white and dapple horse with long tails, riders on, arena

10 Tips for Keeping Your Horse’s Tail Tip Top

The most important thing for you to remember is that a horse’s shiny coat, healthy skin and tremendous tail comes from proper nutritional care. Without the right amounts of protein, amino acids and vitamins no number of potions or conditioners will be able to give it the luscious locks you’re after. Although rosehip is mostly […]

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24 Jul 2020
horse grazing in green fields

Changing My Horse’s Diet

There may be a number of reasons for wanting to change your horse’s feed. Maybe he’s getting older and require a more senior diet. Perhaps you’ve learned more about organic living and want to try something new for your best friend too. Maybe you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing from your current feed. […]

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10 Jul 2020
young foal

When Stress Interferes with Feeding the Young Ones

Few things are quite as special as seeing your mare safely deliver her precious cargo after lovingly taking care of them both for 11 months. No wonder then that your foal’s first wonky steps are watched with great anticipation, and that every blow, sneeze or snort brings out the mother instinct in you. Before you […]

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04 Oct 2019

Top 10 Winter Nutrition Tips

TOP 10 WINTER NUTRITION TIPS Even equine nutrition experts have to admit: Providing a balanced diet for your horse during the winter has its challenges. And while there are some general rules of thumb, which all horse owners should keep in mind, each horse has individual nutrition requirements, depending on age and activity level, among other considerations. These are their Top 10 Winter […]

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