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28 Feb 2020

Sore Muscles in Sport Horses

FEI-certified veterinarian, Duncan Peters, DVM, MS, heads the Sport Horse Program at Hagyard Equine Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Here he explains the role sore muscles play in your horse’s injury, how it’s treated and how to deal with it: “Work strengthens muscles, but overwork leads to strain and pain. The large muscles of the […]

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15 Feb 2019

Elite Equine and Monday Morning Disease (Tying-up)

What became known as Monday Morning Disease (‘tying-up’) is a condition that was first associated with work horses that enjoyed a day of rest and a regular grain ration on Sundays. Once they again took up their work the following morning, they began tying-up, which was evidenced by such symptoms as stiff muscles, cramping, unreasonable […]

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