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Our 100% Rosehip supplement offers support for the horse’s own anti-inflammatory process and immune system. Made from the Rosa Canina plant, and wild harvested by hand from the rich soils of Lesotho, Elite Equine is both a 100% natural and organic equine health supplement.

Elite Equine aims to offer support for stiff joints, older horses requiring additional support to maintain good joint health, and post event recovery in performance horses.



Rosehips possess natural antioxidant properties that act to soak up excess free radicals which in turn helps to support the horse’s immune system. Fed to horses they can offer beneficial effects in supporting and maintaining joint health and suppleness.

Vitamin C

Rosehips are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C. The powerful Vitamin C and antioxidant combination provides additional support to the horse’s immune system. Rosehips are also a rich source of Vitamins E, D and A that helps to support the immune system through their antioxidant properties.


Bioflavonoids contained within Rosehips support Vitamin C’s ability to help support strong blood vessels, and this in turn encourages healthy hoof growth in horses. Bioflavonoids also play a key role in supporting the horse maintain a healthy immune system.


Studies have shown that the high levels of vitamin C in rosehips support the synthesis and restoration of collagen.  Collagen assists in the natural formation of connective tissue and cartilage.


The Biotin found within Rosehips helps to assist and maintain the growth of healthy new hoof. Biotin not only supports healthy hooves and bones but helps to maintain a healthy mane, tail and coat.


100% natural and organic, Elite Equine is a cost-effective supplement for those looking to support and maintain all-round good health in their horses. The special glycoside found in Rosehip aids long term joint health, mobility, and comfort. Free from fillers, bulking agents, additives, and banned substances. Elite Equine is safe and approved for use in all competition environments.

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